History NORSERVIS s.r.o. dates back to the end of 2005, or from the beginning of 2006, when the company began to enter the subconscious of the first customers. Establishment of the company NORSERVIS s.r.o. was initiated by Norgren in order to create a close-to-do business partnering company that, apart from its own business activities, would provide its customers and Norgrencustomers with repair and service activities. The arrival of technically advanced workers from Norgrenhas laid the foundation stone for the establishment of qualified advice and expert approach to customers.

Due to the close relationship with Norgren, we can offer you a complete range of current or former IMI manufacturers: NORGRENHERIONBUSCHJOSTLEIBFRIEDMARTONAIRKIPENOTSWALTERWEBBERKNORRWATSON SMITHDYNA-QUIPBEECHFAS.

The elements we supply can be found in almost all areas of industry, service or transport. The widest range of elements is used in the mechanization and automation of production and assembly processes. Here, it is easy to state that where the branch of the pressure air distribution ends, the space for our elements begins. Preparing the compressed air for the required pressure and quality parameters, controlling the flow direction of the pressure medium and using it with a suitable pneumatic drive is a simple description of this route for the final movement of the mechanical part.

Our main motto is "Automation within reach."

In line with this motto, we want to offer our customers, in addition to our sales and technical background. Our team is ready to assist not only in the selection of optimal features, but also in dealing with your specific requirements, the standard trading range is not enough.